Christian multifunction centre

The Lighthouse is a Christian multi-purpose Centre, which gives light to today’s society in a Modern Way

The Community Centre belongs to the Evangelical Church of Corfu. Listening to the pulse of our times we decided to create a modern and attractive multi-purpose building, which could give a new dimension and contribute positively to the Corfiot society, aiming especially to cover the needs of people today.

We provide a clean and safe environment for young people and not only them, who can spend time pleasantly with their friends, having coffee, serfing the wi-fi, playing with electronic or tabletop games, competing in table tennis competitions , listening to relaxing music or reading either a book from our library, or one of their own.

We want to support the family institution and we offer consultations and seminars, aiming to strengthen and safeguard relations between couples, parents and children and provide answers to issues which affect us all.

We have a small but selective library, containing books, not only for recreation but also books which provide answers to many issues that we face in society today.

Conscious of the many needs in our lives, we offer a variety of events, such as dinners, movie nights, musical evenings, children’s programs and many others.

Social Service. We do not forget those in need, whose numbers are sadly increasing day by day. Although we have limited capabilities we try to cover various needs. In our attempts, we do not only receive requests from people, but also offers from people and organizations to provide assistance.

Our premises can also be made available for family occasions or activities of other organizations.

Finally, through the work and activities at our “Faros Centre” we want to be an active member of the Corfiot society, contributing positively and constructively within the community.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a Christian multi-purpose centre that shines its light on society in a modern way!

Operation times
Thursday - Friday - Saturday: 9.30 – 13.00
Evenings is open only for events except Wednesday and Sunday

Landline+30 26610 21068
Kontokali: 24 Paleokastritsas Rd
Event’s Manager: Veta Reggi Panteliou (mobile: 6932 177 821)