Christmas Package


This Christmas Let’s think of the Needy

We give the opportunity to a family to put some food on their Christmas Table!

We all live this financial crisis and we know that some families are in worse situation than us. Even they are not able to put enough food on their table especially these holy days.
All together we can help with our small means so that this will not happen.

2 Ways that you can take part in this effort are:

a) Give any amount in order for us to buy the necessary things.

  • For gifts over 10 € you get a calendar free gift.

b) Add in your shopping

  • Olive Oil, Pasta, Rice , Beans / Lentils , Tinned food…
  • Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Tinned Milk.
  • Rusks, Jams, Tinned Fruit etc
  • Chocolate sweets, Biscuits, Cake, Tsoureki
  • Kourabies packets, Melomakarona

* We need to have those ready for the 2nd week of December in order to arrange the distribution on time.
** It will be a challenge to cover as many families as possible….
*** If you know a family in need let us know. We will be really happy to help.

"The Lighthouse" Community Centre

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a Christian multi-purpose centre that shines its light on society in a modern way!

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